Getting Ready for the Southern SOLE Food Challenge

So, a group of us, led by Sincerely Emily, participated in the southern group of the Dark Days Challenge.  We had so much fun eating, reading, and writing together, that we have decided to continue to read and write about all that we eat and cook that is S.O.L.E.  For those of you not immersed in alphabet soup (in my other life, I’m a Fed, so it’s normal for me :)!), that is Sustainable, Organic, Local, and/or Ethical.  We’re not going to jump into the definitions here – for me, it’s about eating what is good for our family, what is delicious, and preparing as much as I can from food within the 100-150 mile range of our “homestead.”

This is our badge:

Pretty cool, huh?!

Who is playing along?

AnnieRie Unplugged

Backyard Grocery

Bumble Lush


Eating Appalachia

Eating Flyod…

Yours truly… Family Foodie Survival Guide

Sincerely, Emily

The Soffrito

Windy City Vegan

To get myself ready for the challenge, I self-challenged last night. We went back to some of our old-school, easy to get, simple to prepare favorites.

Pan Fried Hangar Steak, from the Butcher at Westover Market (Roseda Farms)

Grilled veggies, including little baby squashes, baby potatoes, and asparagus from our farmer’s markets

Salad, with lettuce from the backyard, hakuri turnips, radishes, and fennel from the farmer’s markets

Accompanied with steamed organic basmati rice from Trader Joe’s,

And Merry Monks ale from Easton, PA.

Needless to say, there were no leftovers. Sigh. This is the problem when you eat local. It is all so good that it is DEVOURED! Oh, wait, maybe that’s the teenager phenomenon….

Hope you’ll follow along – the challenge starts in earnest next week!


5 Responses to “Getting Ready for the Southern SOLE Food Challenge”

  1. how fun to do another challenge! 🙂 I’m glad your regional group ended up so cohesive– I’ll look forward to reading about this one.

  2. Looks great. I did a local frittata tonight to get ready,

    Got a page set up to record our goodies, too.


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