Just Another Saturday Farmer’s Market

We are beginning our Southern SOLE Food Challenge this week, so I thought I’d record what we got at the farmer’s market this morning so you can see what might appear in our first SOLE meal of the challenge.  Including the last strawberries of the season, for real.  Definitely not as awesome as the ones from last week. This will join the milk, cheese, eggs, butter, and ham from South Mountain Creamery that arrived on our doorstep Thursday.  And on Tuesday, we’ll have our first CSA pick up of the season.

Given the CSA pickup on the horizon, we had to think about what we needed to get from the market. Not garlic scapes, no more turnips, no bok choi, enough lettuce to supplement what we have in the garden (a lot got smashed with the rain last night), no onions, no chard, no squash. But that left us lots of options.

Isn’t the color of that cauliflower amazing?! I wanted to get the golden orange colored one, but I was convinced to try the purple one. And the fingerling potatoes clearly just came out of the garden. The Persian cucumbers are a no-brainer – purchased every week without fail.  All this produce came from Penn Farm (cauliflower and lettuce) , Tree and Leaf Farm (fingerling potatoes), and Toigo Orchards (cukes and strawberries).

The mixed box of mushrooms from Mother Earth Mushrooms is another regular on our market runs. The feathery maitakes are favorites of ours. We’ll sautee those in our local butter in just a little bit.

Our regular bacon fix, some fajita sandwich steaks, two wonderful loves of bread, and dill-garlic quark.  What you may ask is quark?  According to Wikipedia,

Quark is a type of fresh cheese, also known as tvorog (from the Russian творог), topfen (from the Austrian name), biezpiens(from Latvian), and varškė (from Lithuanian). It is made by warming soured milk until the desired degree of denaturation of milk proteins is met, and then strained.”

We got ours from Clear Spring Creamery, and plan to have it on some of the wonderful bread from Atwater’s and maybe served with ham from South Mountain Creamery?! Who knows? But I for one am looking forward to trying it!

I think it’s time for brunch.  The SAT-taking teen is on his way home, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to be hungry!


2 Comments to “Just Another Saturday Farmer’s Market”

  1. This is wonderful!! Agreed- the purple cauliflower is gorgeous. I get my first CSA share in a week and a half… CANNOT WAIT! Please take a pic and post when yours gets in 😀

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