Cherries and Golden Cauliflower

That’s what’s new for us at the market this week. We went a little overboard on purchasing last week – between two farmer’s markets, one CSA delivery, and the milk delivery, I’m having to readjust where I buy what (and when)!

On Saturday, at the Falls Church Market, we found sweet cherries, and golden cauliflower, and verdant green beans, and beautiful red potatoes to supplement our regular bacon and bread acquisitions.

And on Sunday, at the Westover Market, we added cucumbers, and tomatoes, and onions, and feta, and some hamburger to our larder.

The bacon, and most of the country white loaf have already been consumed. And the cherries didn’t make it past brunch on Sunday.  But we are planning to make a fritatta, and a cucumber-feta-tomato salad. The green beans will probably be roasted, and I am thinking that the golden cauliflower would task lovely in a curry. Maybe for Meatless Monday?! We will just have to see.

Here’s hoping you had a weekend filled with wonderful food!


10 Comments to “Cherries and Golden Cauliflower”

  1. What a gorgeous haul. You hit some great markets.

  2. Yum! I love fresh cauliflower. Looks like you had a great weekend of market shopping!!!

  3. Indeed. Having spent years where there were no markets to be found, I rejoice at the bounty that surrounds us here!!

  4. What a great haul! I love the variety that’s in the markets this time of year. I just discovered Smith Family Farms at a market in Fairfax. I haven’t tried the ground beef yet–do you like it? What about their other meats? I’m looking for a new local meat vendor since the one I used to rely on has fattier beef now, unfortunately, and doesn’t sell poultry.

    • Thanks – every day when I think about how much delicious fresh-from-the-field food I have access to, I count my blessings – and this is a wonderful time of the year too :)!

      We just found Smith Family Farms too – haven’t tried their beef yet, but will let you know. However, we got their lamb sweet Italian sausages – and they were outrageously good! Do you have access to South Mountain Creamery’s delivery? I find their poultry to be divine…

      • I’ve heard of South Mountain Creamery and their milk delivery, but didn’t realize they had poultry as well. I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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