Sunshine Blogger’s Award and Eating By The Seat Of Our Pants

A week ago yesterday, The Year of Healthier Eating nominated our blog for a Sunshine Bloggers Award. Given that we just sent our eldest off to Spain for three weeks, this added needed smiles to my week!

As noted by my nominator, the Sunshine Blog Award is a price awarded to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” As an award winner, there are a few rules to follow:

  • Link the award to the person(s) who gave it to you.
  • Answer the questions that come with it.
  • Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it.

The Questions and answers:

  • Favorite Number: 4
  • Favorite nonalcoholic drink: Cinnamon Apple Spice Iced Tea
  • Facebook or Twitter: Facebook – I am still learning how best to “tweet”
  • My passion: eating well…and especially eating local food
  • Favorite pattern: Indian patterns of all shapes and colors
  • Favorite Day of the Week: Friday
  • Favorite Flower: Lucifer Crocosmia

Now, the Year of Healthier Living commented that our tag line is “Eating by the seat of our pants.”  What you might wonder does that mean?  Here’s my best guess as to what we were thinking about it when we wrote it.

1. We are challenged meal planners. We have tried, but we are piss poor at it. Whatever we seem to have planned, we don’t want to eat. Instead, we make a list of what’s in the fridge and the pantry, and improvise meals from there.  This means that…

2. We have become skilled at ingredient substitution.  For example, the other night we decided to make some spaghetti with meat sauce (using awesome ground beef from the Smith Family Farm), and realized that we only had one can of diced tomatoes. But we had a can of tomato and basil soup, and fresh tomatoes from the market. No red wine either, but some balsamic vinegar was in the pantry. So, with a little ingredient substitution, we had ourselves a most delicious sauce with 30 minutes.

3. How did I get there? (Nota bene: The Man of the House has been skilled at this for years — I’m just learning).  I think I should thank Mark Bittman. Not only has he provided lots and lots of inspiration — every single one of his recipes includes “variations” — and because I rely on his cookbooks nearly every day, I have become comfortable with starting from what’s in the house to make  meal.

4. And all this means that I’m never quite sure what’s for dinner. But I know that it will be delicious.  How can it not be when we are surrounded by bounty from the farmer’s market, the butcher, or the CSA haul.

And, who, you may wonder are the bloggers on my list to share the Sunshine Blogger’s Award with?

Green(ish) Monkeys. First, I must recognize you, Anne- Marie, because you introduced me to my first challenge, and welcomed me into the joy of community across the blogosphere.

AnnieRie Unplugged. And, then you, Annie, because you and I share a vision of what living local in the greater DC metro area can be!

Sincerely, Emily. Emily, you corralled all of us Southern gals for the Dark Day Challenge, and did such a great job, that we are keeping it going as the Southern SOLE Food Challenge.  Thank you, Emily, for being an inspiration to us all!

In Her Chucks. One of my new favorite foodie bloggers — I found her by following CSA blogs, and immediately fell in love with her weekly linky magic…a great source of inspiration!

Terrified Tastebud. Deb, you are an inspiration to me. The passion with which you learn and cook is so very fun to participate in.  Thanks for sharing it with us all!

Rantings of An Amateur Chef. A gentleman among us all. How can you not like man who hides his wife’s purse in the slow cooker so that she remembers to turn it on before she leaves for work?

Red, Round, Or Green.  Because this mom knows how to menu plan, and I love to witness the plans of others. Following along as she cooks to meet her sons’ different needs shows us all how a little creativity in the kitchen can take us a long way.

domestic diva, M.D.  Stories and recipes work wonderfully well for me!

Tea and Cookies. I read her book The Butcher and the Vegetarian and fell in love with Tea’s voice. And then I found her blog, and fell in love with her pictures. Her blog inspires me to write and reflect.

Eco Women: Protectors of the Planet.  All you really need to do is click on the link, and join in the superhero journey that each of us can be part of.

These are my 10 Sunshine Blogger Award winners. Please stop by their blogs and bask in their sunshine!

11 Responses to “Sunshine Blogger’s Award and Eating By The Seat Of Our Pants”

  1. Thanks for the award. I am going to have to think about a few of those questions.

  2. Thanks so much for thinking of me, Liz, and for your kind words. Much appreciated!

  3. Congratulations! You are a rock star in the family foodie stratosphere!

  4. Love this! I agree–with lots of good, healthy food, every meal is delicious even if it’s on the fly!

  5. Thank you so much for the nomination!

  6. Thanks Liz! You bring sunshine to my life with your wonderful blog 🙂 I appreciate the nod!


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