Preserving Summer Produce: Quick Pickles

Many of you may think that getting ready for the beach entails laundry and shopping and packing. For me, this year, beach preparation involved thinking about how to make sure that none of the produce that we have from the garden and the CSA was wasted. And so, pickles.

We had some beets from several weeks ago, carrots, and more yellow squash than we know what to do with. A few quick Epicurious searches later, and I was in quick pickling heaven.

We made 5 quarts of pickles: yellow squash, carrots, and beets. The yellow squash pickles have already become a mainstay of our beach cuisine – everyone is pleased with them.  The best thing about quick pickles is that other than chopping, the time involved is minimal.

First – prep your veggies – cut into bite sized pieces, blanch the carrots, boil the beets, no need to cook the others.

Second – peel and smash a couple of cloves of garlic.

Third – identify any spices from the fridge you might want to add- dill or parsley or fennel in our case.

Fourth – boil some vinegar, sugar, salt, peppercorns and/or fennel seed for about two minutes, or until the salt and sugar have dissolved.

Fifth – pour over the veggies in a clean glass jar.

Sixth – cool and then put in the fridge.

Then, let sit for a day or so in the fridge and enjoy…

Easy peasy – and quick to be consumed!

If you want actual recipes, I found lots on Epicurious.


2 Comments to “Preserving Summer Produce: Quick Pickles”

  1. your jars of pickled veggies are so beautiful. I know they tasted as good as the looked. Glad everyone is enjoying them.

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