Food Trucks Invade The Beach

We love Ocracoke because it is beach and just about only beach. There is a town, but there is no boardwalk, and the beach is just beach. Like so. Usually a bit more in focus, but you get the  idea.

It’s been two years since we’ve been here, and since then, food trucks have come to Ocracoke. This is not a problem on my account.  In fact, all of the family foodie was ecstatic to see additional eating options.

The boys immediately got on their bikes and headed over to Eduardo’s Taco Truck after the beach yesterday,  but the gals decided that our first food truck adventure on the island would be the crepe stand. The Picky Eater is a crepe afficiando, and joins us at the market on Saturday morning precisely because she can have crepes. Given that, a rainy day at the beach was greeted with, “Can we get some crepes? Please?”

No way that we can say no to that.

The boys went off to do the rainy day clamming (so that we can make our Ocracoke Clam Chowder), and the gals went off to shop and eat crepes at The Corner Crepe.

Choosing required some deliberation.

Savory or sweet?

The adults went for the savory, Southpoint (avocado, bacon, jack cheese) and the Frenchie (spinach, mushrooms and swiss)

the girls, the sweet: the modified Elvis (nutella, bacon, and powdered sugar) and the Pierette (strawberries and chocolate ganache)

The modified Elvis was the favorite of all – sweet and salty is an amazingly good combination – and bacon makes everything better, right?  All of the crepes were lucious – and the boys, jealous that we went while they worked for our dinner! If ever you head down Ocracoke-way, do stop at The Corner Crepe.


2 Comments to “Food Trucks Invade The Beach”

  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Where is that beach? MD?

  2. Ocracoke Island is in North Carolina. At the end of the Outer Banks, past Hatteras. We love it, and get there every summer if we can!

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