The City on the Bay: Fit for Foodies

Work took me to “the left coast” last week, and I was able to find time to explore the many food-related joys of San Francisco. I got to eat at many wonderful restaurants the feature local, sustainable cuisine, including the world famous Greens, but my most favorite food-related event was when I got to spend Saturday morning at the Ferry Pier Farmer’s Market. Anyone who’s been following my blog for any period of time knows that we almost always go to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning when we are at home …. so being able to integrate it into my travel plans made it even sweeter.

Now my friends in Chicago often express jealousy over our year-round farmer’s markets. I do love my January markets, but in the fresh produce realm those markets feature root vegetables, mushrooms, and apples. Nothing like the variety that greeted me in Northern California.

Citrus, we will never see in our markets here. Nor that wonderful avocado, a superfood, that is in abundance here.

And, while we are nearly at the asparagus and strawberry time here in NoVa, they are already in abundance in NoCa.

Wait, did I mention the heirloom tomatoes? Ours aren’t even in the ground yet!

And, that’s not all. You can find locally grown and dried beans and rice! A key missing ingredient in our area for a 150-mile diet.

So what did I bring back to the hotel room with me? Food to eat while I was there, and food to bring home to cook up here!

And I didn’t even go to Napa to taste the wine…. I get why foodies fall in love with the Bay area, I really do.


2 Comments to “The City on the Bay: Fit for Foodies”

  1. Ah, Liz, my favorite place in the USA.

    My dream when we finally give up this place. A condo in Sonoma and a condo in Asheville NC. April through October in NC, and November through March in Sonoma. Love wine country in the off season.

    We rented a house in Sonoma for ten days a few years back. Shopped at the farmer’s markets, drank local wine and grilled almost every night. Loved it.

    • Sounds perfect to me! I want to go back on vacation and explore wine country with my hubby — it really is amazing to luxuriate in the food abundance! And Asheville is beautiful too… although we love Ocracoke, NC on the Outer Banks, and I’d be hard pressed to get my hubby to trade the beach for the mountains…

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