Currently reading – and using her “Take Action” principles to focus the efforts of our family to save the planet one meal at a time….

An Edible History of Humanity

In the midst of this one too.  It’s actually fascinating to be reading this history at the same time as I’m reading Lappe’s book – a longer view on how we got to where we are.  I was talking about the challenges posed by industrial agriculture at dinner the other night, and my daughter thought that a return to the hunter/gatherer time of life might be something to consider….

Death by Pad Thai: And Other Unforgettable Meals by Douglas Bauer

And for when I just want to enjoy reading about food…


2 Comments to “Bookshelf”

  1. Have you read In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan?

  2. Indeed. It has been really important to shaping my thinking around food!

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