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June 10, 2012

Cherries and Golden Cauliflower

That’s what’s new for us at the market this week. We went a little overboard on purchasing last week – between two farmer’s markets, one CSA delivery, and the milk delivery, I’m having to readjust where I buy what (and when)!

On Saturday, at the Falls Church Market, we found sweet cherries, and golden cauliflower, and verdant green beans, and beautiful red potatoes to supplement our regular bacon and bread acquisitions.

And on Sunday, at the Westover Market, we added cucumbers, and tomatoes, and onions, and feta, and some hamburger to our larder.

The bacon, and most of the country white loaf have already been consumed. And the cherries didn’t make it past brunch on Sunday.  But we are planning to make a fritatta, and a cucumber-feta-tomato salad. The green beans will probably be roasted, and I am thinking that the golden cauliflower would task lovely in a curry. Maybe for Meatless Monday?! We will just have to see.

Here’s hoping you had a weekend filled with wonderful food!

May 23, 2010

Cherries, and peas, and cucumber plants…

…were new at the farmer’s market this week!  But we’re out of asparagus season already :(.  As everyone who eats locally will tell you, you become very attuned to the growing season, and very emotional when produce that you love is out of season.  So, the end of asparagus season came much too quickly for us.  We do, however, take comfort in the fact that more and more produce is appearing every day. 

Last weekend we visited the Columbia Pike Market – a smaller market that we got to too late, so we missed most of the vendors that we regularly visit at the Courthouse market. But this week, we were back to our regular routine, and on Saturday, we shopped at our regular market, and found some new fruits and veggies and plants….wonderfully sweet cherries and fresh garlic from Westmoreland, some sugar snap peas (a little tough, not as sweet as we expected), and middle eastern cucumber plants!  I think the cucumber plants are what we are most excited about.  We adore the small sweet cucumbers and they are usually all gone by Monday.  We hadn’t seen the plants at the market before for this variety, so we are excited to see if they grow well in our designated cucumber area.  Basil in the foreground, little cucumber plants in the background.  They will need to be thinned after we see which plants acclimate best to the barrel.

The rest of our farmer’s market shop included a loaf of country white from Atwaters, spinach and salad greens, a head of red leaf lettuce and baby bok choi from Potomac Vegetable Farms, several pounds of middle eastern cucumbers and argula from Twin Springs, two packages of small mozzerella balls and butter from Blue Ridge Dairy, some cilantro, and our standard three-pack of strawberries.    What is amazing to me is how quickly the food is consumed.  It’s Sunday evening and after a weekend at home, the strawberries and cherries are gone, as is the bread, and most of the mozzerella and all but two of the cucumbers…

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