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April 4, 2012

Local Breakfast Take 2

I decided to give a local breakfast for the Dark Days Challenge one more try. I had a package of lovely blueberries in the freezer from the farmer’s market that I thought would make a nice cornerstone of breakfast. After spending a few minutes on Epicurious, I decided that a Blueberry Pudding Cake would make a lovely Spring break treat for breakfast. The recipe originates from Gourmet, 2005, but I adapted it a bit to make it more local.  Honey from West Virginia took the place of sugar, and I used King Arthur’s White Whole Wheat flour for the batter. And the only local butter I had was salted, so I used it and didn’t add the salt listed in the ingredients list.  Below is the list from the recipe itself.

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March 28, 2012

Ending the Dark Days with Sunny Side Up Eggs

I had planned to write a blog last week about this awesome chicken that we got from South Mountain Creamery, and all the many meals we made out if it… but I haven’t written that post yet. And our last Dark Days Challenge was to be a breakfast post. Others of my fellow Challenge Bloggers decided to make a breakfast with some challenge. I fear that for me, our lives have been hectic enough that all we could manage is our most favorite of all farmer’s market breakfast.

Bacon from Smith Meadows

Eggs, sunny side up, from South Mountain Creamery (delivered to our doorstep on Thursdays…)

Sauteed mushrooms from Mother Earth Mushrooms

Bread from Atwater’s — we did try Irish Brown Bread for the first time ever (yummy!!)

Jam from McCutcheons — new flavor for us — Damson Plum.

Simple, easy, and accompanied with joyful exposulations from the twins…


Now, we are ready to start the day.

March 14, 2012

How Focusing on the Local Changes How You Eat

We have been participating in the Dark Day Challenge this year. This has meant that once a week we are supposed to prepare an entire meal that follows the SOLE requirements of this challenge – Sustainable, Organic, Local, and Ethical. We have been focused on the “Local” component of this equation, but have certainly added “Organic” where possible. But, as I was thinking about what we prepared and ate this week, I realized that the the choices that we have made throughout this challenge have filtered deeply into our daily meals.

I did not take any pictures this week, because what we ate was what we ate. And what we ate often fit the SOLE mantra. So on Saturday afternoon, my husband and I strolled over to The Local Market and purchased British Bangers from Stachowski’s, local bacon, goat cheese from Cherry Glen, green beans and spinach, as well as bread and coffee roasted locally at Caffe Amouri. Oh, and my DH also picked up some pickled asparagus from McCutcheon’s. All this meant that dinner was local without even trying hard — bangers, sweet potato fries (from the farmer’s market week before last), and green beans.  Then on Sunday morning, we enjoyed our local bacon and waffles made with King Arthur flour and eggs from South Mountain Creamery (delivered to our house every Thursday) accompanied by locally roasted coffee and local milk, and we devoured the delicious cheese from Cherry Glen (Monacy Silver) and leftover sausages as a snack in the afternoon.  No thinking required. We just ate what was in the house.

And this, I think, is where we all aspire to get. To the place where the choices we make when we shop ensure that the choices we (and the choices our children) make when we eat every day support those SOLE principles.

What choices are you making to move you in the direction of eating SOLE?

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