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September 1, 2012

First of September Many Colored Market

I never realized how colorful the end of summer market is. I used to think that when the peaches and tomatoes were in prime season that the colors at the market would be most plentiful. But as we walked and shopped this morning, I was struck by the variety of colors that are available now – as the melons come into prime season, and the peppers ripen to reds and yellows and oranges, and as the eggplants are exploding in many different shades of purple.

If I cut open these beautiful canary melons and cantaloupe, we would add some more yellows and oranges to our color spectrum.  We added one of these amazing cantaloupes to our basket.

It was hard to walk away from these eggplants, but I have some from the CSA and anticipate getting more on Tuesday.

I really just want to roast all of these peppers and store them for the dark days of winter.

Rainbow peppers

The okra is an amazing color isn’t it!

Purple okra

It’s hard to believe it’s time for apples already!

After enjoying the colors, and after a crepe and some donuts, we left with several bags of delicious produce. The mushrooms are for a mushroom lasagna, the okra for gumbo, the sandwich steaks for mini-fajitas…the sausage and loaf of country white were consumed at brunch already!  Sweet potatoes, green beans, and corn will make wonderful side dishes over the week.

From the East Falls Market on the first of September

And tomorrow we’ll visit the Westover market to add peaches and apples from Twin Springs to our weekly haul, andouille for the gumbo, shallots for the lasagna…and more I’m sure!

Hope you are getting lots of wonderful food from your farmer’s market visits this weekend!

June 23, 2012

A Fruittastic Market

It was a beautiful morning. The Eldest is still in Spain. The Berry Hater was playing at a jazz conference for future middle school teachers. And the Picky Eater asked to be woken up to accompany us to the Farmer’s Market. While she was really focused on getting a crepe, she was thrilled when she realized that  there were plums and nectarines and blueberries as well as peaches …


Just look at that face :)! Okay, she was a little embarrassed that I was taking a picture of her while she was eating.


We weren’t the only ones at the market this morning.  And no wonder. Look at all the beautiful fruit and veggies!





And here is what we came home with…



Lots to cook with – including the first corn of the season for us!

June 10, 2012

Cherries and Golden Cauliflower

That’s what’s new for us at the market this week. We went a little overboard on purchasing last week – between two farmer’s markets, one CSA delivery, and the milk delivery, I’m having to readjust where I buy what (and when)!

On Saturday, at the Falls Church Market, we found sweet cherries, and golden cauliflower, and verdant green beans, and beautiful red potatoes to supplement our regular bacon and bread acquisitions.

And on Sunday, at the Westover Market, we added cucumbers, and tomatoes, and onions, and feta, and some hamburger to our larder.

The bacon, and most of the country white loaf have already been consumed. And the cherries didn’t make it past brunch on Sunday.  But we are planning to make a fritatta, and a cucumber-feta-tomato salad. The green beans will probably be roasted, and I am thinking that the golden cauliflower would task lovely in a curry. Maybe for Meatless Monday?! We will just have to see.

Here’s hoping you had a weekend filled with wonderful food!

June 2, 2012

Just Another Saturday Farmer’s Market

We are beginning our Southern SOLE Food Challenge this week, so I thought I’d record what we got at the farmer’s market this morning so you can see what might appear in our first SOLE meal of the challenge.  Including the last strawberries of the season, for real.  Definitely not as awesome as the ones from last week. This will join the milk, cheese, eggs, butter, and ham from South Mountain Creamery that arrived on our doorstep Thursday.  And on Tuesday, we’ll have our first CSA pick up of the season.

Given the CSA pickup on the horizon, we had to think about what we needed to get from the market. Not garlic scapes, no more turnips, no bok choi, enough lettuce to supplement what we have in the garden (a lot got smashed with the rain last night), no onions, no chard, no squash. But that left us lots of options.

Isn’t the color of that cauliflower amazing?! I wanted to get the golden orange colored one, but I was convinced to try the purple one. And the fingerling potatoes clearly just came out of the garden. The Persian cucumbers are a no-brainer – purchased every week without fail.  All this produce came from Penn Farm (cauliflower and lettuce) , Tree and Leaf Farm (fingerling potatoes), and Toigo Orchards (cukes and strawberries).

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April 18, 2012

Why Eat Local?

Why Eat Local?.  A perspective from our soon-to-be opened farmer’s market that we can walk to from our house!! The Family Foodie is pretty jazzed about it.

December 17, 2011

Stocking Up at the Farmer’s Market

We didn’t make it to the farmer’s market last week, so today, we really really needed to go! And we had last week’s budget to spend as well as this week’s!

Needless to say, we had fun at the market.

First, we ordered crepes from Crepe Creations for The Picky Eater and the adults. Ham and swiss and lemon and sugar. Yumm! It is never good to shop on an empty stomach. Sadly this is their last week until May.  Boy, May seems really really far away.

While waiting for the crepes, I shopped at our favorite produce stand (Penn Farms) and stocked up for the week:

  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • 2 onions
  • 2 heads of garlic
  • spring onions
  • potatoes
  • a bunch of carrots
  • and an amazingly large head of red leafed lettuce!
This veggie stock up was followed by a detour to the Virginia Chocolate Factory to get some strawberry jam…
This is why it is impossible to shop at the grocery store anymore.
November 12, 2011

Fall Favorites at the Farmer’s Market

The seasons have changed here in Northern Virginia, and what is at the market has been changing over the past few months. We are fortunate that our market’s are year round, but the “big” market will be ending in the next couple of weeks. So,  I thought I would put up a few pictures to celebrate the fall market.

May 30, 2010

An Addition to Our Tradition: The Falls Church Farmer’s Market

We love the farmer’s market. It is a Saturday morning ritual in our house.  And we usually go to the Arlington Courthouse market.  We have our regular vendors that we visit there, and part of the joys of local food is that you know your vendors.  But our friends and family members have been encouraging us to visit the Falls Church market.  Finally, after years of prodding, the promise of crepes lured us there yesterday morning.  In fact, the crepes incentivized the whole clan, and all five of us plus one friend descended upon the market.

 Not five minutes from our house, the market was full of people and produce and music.  We’ve had a warm and wet spring here in the DC area and the stalls are overflowing with greens, and squash, and asparagus (I was fortunately wrong – the season isn’t over quite yet), and fennel, and cabbage, and tomatoes, I could go on, but I won’t.  We were pleased to find that many of our regular vendors were there, and easily got everything on our list and more.

What we really enjoyed, though, was wandering through the stalls and realizing that there is a world of locally prepared foods begging to be tasted.  Because the crepes were what drew us there, they were the prepared foods to try and they were everything we wanted – lovely fluffy crepes, fresh fillings – both sweet and savory – treats for us all.  The kids were happy, and so were the grownups.  Next time, we go, we’ll try the empanadas and the crabcakes, and the time after that the pasta, and then the wine, and the chocolate truffles….

But we did miss Westmoreland, and EcoFriendly Foods…alternating weeks to satisfy our tastebuds may be the only solution, because two farmer’s markets on Saturday morning might be a little out of control…

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