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March 28, 2012

Ending the Dark Days with Sunny Side Up Eggs

I had planned to write a blog last week about this awesome chicken that we got from South Mountain Creamery, and all the many meals we made out if it… but I haven’t written that post yet. And our last Dark Days Challenge was to be a breakfast post. Others of my fellow Challenge Bloggers decided to make a breakfast with some challenge. I fear that for me, our lives have been hectic enough that all we could manage is our most favorite of all farmer’s market breakfast.

Bacon from Smith Meadows

Eggs, sunny side up, from South Mountain Creamery (delivered to our doorstep on Thursdays…)

Sauteed mushrooms from Mother Earth Mushrooms

Bread from Atwater’s — we did try Irish Brown Bread for the first time ever (yummy!!)

Jam from McCutcheons — new flavor for us — Damson Plum.

Simple, easy, and accompanied with joyful exposulations from the twins…


Now, we are ready to start the day.

December 20, 2011

Lovely Lamb Soup – Dark Days Challenge Week 3

Soup is a wonderful thing. Especially when it is cold outside, and you just happened to pick up some lamb soup bones from the farmer’s market. And when the veggies are still abundant at the market…

So, our Dark Days Meal for Week 3 is a lovely lamb soup accompanied with bread from Atwater’s.

We began by making a stock from the lamb bones, filling up the pot with carrot tops, onions studded with cloves (okay those aren’t local), some limp celery from Thanksgiving, salt and peppercorns.

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October 5, 2011

What’s In Your CSA? Autumn Share, Week 2

When you make eating local a priority, and if you decide to join a CSA, you might start to wonder ( or at least I did) what is showing up in shares around this great country of ours. So I began to use the 21st century tool of the internet to see if I could find other bloggers tracking and sharing about their shares. And you know what? With a little time and persistance, I was able to begin to satisfy my curiosity.

But let’s start with what was in our CSA share this week.

This is our second week of the Autumn share. We have moved to the mini-share, so that is what is pictured above.

What did we get?  Lots of fall greens – bok choy, tatsoi. Purple-icious eggplants. A last bouquet of basil to make pesto with. A couple of radishes. Pole beans.  Tomatoes. A beautiful clipping of thyme.

But what do we find if we travel across this great country of ours?

In Maine, a bit more northerly and westerly than we are, and stop by the living local experiment, you see turnips and cheese and brussel sprouts, and a beautiful squash!

In New England, CrunchyMetroMom, there is some overlap with ours – tomatoes – and we see garlic and butternut squash (which we had last week), but they also have corn and apples (which we purchase at the market, but is not part of our share), and honey!

In New York City, With a Fork and a Knife are feasting on peppers and celery and rainbow chard and apples and pears…

Or, if you live in Jersey, you can order a winter CSA of frozen summer veggies.

And Colorado’s not so different from the East Coast – squash, tomatoes – but still seeing peppers and cucumber.

In California, you can still get watermelon in your share!

But in Kentucky, the folks at Jockey Full of Bourbon are saying goodbye to their CSA for the season.

And I’m not sure where Cooking Cacophony hails from, but I love that their CSA includes all the fixings for pizza!!

What variety – and how fun to see how unique every CSA delivery is!

Readers, please do add your experiences, and let me know what you love (and maybe don’t love as much) about your CSA!


April 11, 2010

Leanin’ Toward Local

For our family, the most fun part about the “lean toward local” principle is that it begins every week with a trip to the Farmer’s Market.  If we don’t start our Saturday there, the whole weekend is ruined.  Fortunately, with the beautiful weather, going to the market is even more fun. We clearly aren’t alone in our devotion to the market – the Arlington Courthouse Farmers’ Market was buzzing with folks on Saturday.  Although this is a year-round market, with the arrival of spring, more farmers opened today, and there were even lines at many stalls! 

Our bags were heavy at the end of the trip – here’s what we took home with us, and the farmers we visited.  Eggs and bacon, from EcoFriendly Foods; fresh mozzarella from Blue Ridge Dairy; feta from Fields of Grace Farm; spinach; salad mix from Red Rake Farm; two loaves of bread from country white and cranberry pecan from Atwaters; and then sweet potatoes, Yukon gold potatoes, apples,  and apple cider from Twin Springs Fruit Farm.  What’s great, and what makes us eager for next Saturday, is that we’ve already consumed the bread, all but two eggs, the bacon, the mozzarella, most of the cider, a third of the salad, and half of the sweet potatoes!  With five of us, it’s amazing how quickly the food disappears…

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