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April 24, 2010

East West Grill

It’s seven pm, you just got home from an eleven-hour (awesome) field trip with your fifth graders, you’re really hungry, and neither parental unit has a dinner plan.  So, what is a family who likes to eat to do?!  Fortunately, we live in an area where that challenge is easy to address.  One of our new recent favorite options is the East West Grill at 2721 North Wilson Boulevard in Clarendon.  Four of the five of us adore the kabobs (lamb and/or seekh kabob), and the picky one adores the rice and naan.  The lamb and seekh kabobs are mouthfuls of wonderful, the sauce is perfect, and the side dishes should really deserve to be eaten as main courses.  The lamb roll is adorned with a delicious yogurt sauce and cucumbers and tomatos and lettuce and rice, and is supposed to be a neater eating option….however, much sauce dripping occurs whenever it is being consumed.  The owner already recognizes us, and tries to make suggestions for the picky one, but she’s content with rice and naan.  And, most important of all, the boys never leave hungry and always want to go to Boccato Gelato (a post for another day).

March 30, 2010

The Blue Pig

The Blue Pig

Eating at restaurants as five can pose a challenge – a table for four is too small, a booth is often too tight, and a table for six is too big. But sometimes you find a place where five is just right, and the food is perfect.  Last night, in Cape May, we ate at The Blue Pig Tavern, which won rave reviews from everyone. Even from the primary picky eater, who ordered from the adult menu and really enjoyed the brown sugar pork chop.  The eldest, who loves well-prepared food, savored the pork shank on parsnip puree. The adults enjoyed their meals as well, and the third kid added a fancy burger to his long list of burgers he loves.  Definitely worth the cost.

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