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July 3, 2012

Bring On The Squash: Spring CSA Weeks 3, 4, 5

We had a big storm in our area Friday night. Some of you probably heard about it – and I know that many of you experienced the storm and the aftermath too!  It was INSANE! Many huge trees around us came down in the space of the storm which raced through in about a half hour. We were fortunate, and only lost power for a couple of days.  So we sweated, and tried to save what we could from the fridge and freezer. Monday at noon, our power came back. And then I had to clean out the fridge. Sadly, the leafy greens that hadn’t been consumed had to be tossed, as well as a few other odds and ends. Fortunately, squash, cabbage, and onions had been featured in recent CSAs, and we didn’t lose any of those! And today was CSA pickup day – and I am pleased to say that our vegetable bins are restocked.  What was in it today (Week 5)?

  • Lotsa beautiful yellow and green squash
  • A bunch of beets
  • Two large beautiful fennel bulbs and fronds
  • Three spring onions
  • Two cucumbers
  • One cabbage
  • One head of garlic
  • One bunch of basil
  • One bunch of dill
  • Eight beautiful potatoes

All wonderful basics that will quickly be consumed.

And, what, you might wonder was in last week’s CSA (Week 4)?

  • Fingerling potatoes
  • Yellow onions
  • A kohlrabi
  • Several heads of lettuce
  • A bunch of Swiss chard
  • Two zucchini
  • Three yellow squash
  • Sorrel
  • One head of cabbage

Sadly, the Swiss chard and the sorrel were lost due to the loss of power. Everything else was consumed though!

Finally, to complete the record of the CSA for the past several weeks, here is what we picked up two weeks ago (Week 3).

  • Red potatoes
  • Basil
  • Cucumbers
  • Several heads of beautiful red lettuce and one head of endive
  • Several types of squash
  • Beets
  • A cabbage
  • Fennel
  • Fresh onions

It’s kind of fun to see them all together!

I hope that you in the storm’s path are all okay, and that everyone’s power is back on. When you don’t go to the market every day, you really need your fridge to work — especially when temperatures are lingering around 100.

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July 21, 2011

It tastes like pumpkin pie….

…said The Picky Eater as she tasted the yellow and green summer squash at dinner last night. This was not what I had expected. First, that she was willing to try it, and second, that she would like it enough to have seconds. All I did was slice the squash imto medallions, brush with olive oil, sprinkle liberally with garam masala, and broil for about 10 minutes or so. Such an unremarkable preparation that I didn’t even take a picture!

And then I decided to press my luck even further and asked if she would try the fingerling potatoes from our CSA and garden. Simply boiled and tossed with butter. And you know what? She liked them. And took seconds.

This is why we garden and CSA. I don’t think she would have tried them if they’d come from the store.

Who knows what tonight will bring?

September 24, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the CSA

So, we are done with our CSA for the season.  And I am sad.  The man of the house professes to not be quite so sad. The kids have not expressed a preference either way.  The time is ripe for a bit of stepping back and reflecting. 

The Good

1. We learned to love squash.  Or rather, the boys and I loved to love squash.  Summer squash in green salads, baked squash with fresh feta, grilled eggplant and zucchini, zucchini bread, baba ganoush …our repetoire has definitely expanded and the boys lick their lips when any and all of these food items are placed on the table.

2. We had fresh vegetables in the middle of the week.  Our CSA pick up was on Tuesday, which is the perfect pick-up day for us because our farmer’s market is on Saturday, and we always need veggies by mid-week.

3. Salsa kits were da bomb.

4. Refrigerator pickling is easy and a great way to prepare beets and salad turnips!

5. We had tomatoes even when our plants went belly up.

6. I loved our weekly newsletters with recipes!

The Bad

1. We couldn’t possibly eat all the Swiss chard grown this summer, although we did enjoy it in a couple of dishes.  A bit too bitter for us for weekly consumption.

2. It took us too many weeks to figure out what to with the bounty of squash we were blessed with.

3. Planning is important with a CSA, and my skills in that area are mixed (see #1 below).

The Ugly

1. Greens need to be cooked in the first two-three days.  After that, you don’t want to see them.

2. The Picky Eater continues to be vegetable challenged.  The CSA is not a magic bullet.

All told, I’m ready to do this adventure all over again in summer 2011….

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